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Don’t want to wait three months to add your new staff as employees? A direct-hire agreement streamlines our candidates into your permanent payroll - no waiting period needed.

Light Industrial

At KP Staffing, light industrial staffing is our niche - our recruiters are trained on the variety of roles and responsibilities central to warehouse positions, from picking and packing to machine operating and order pulling. Whatever you need from your light industrial employees, our recruiters are trained to identify candidates capable of it. Stressed about finding the right employees for your warehouse? Let us help you with that.

We got this

Our business consultants know their stuff. They’ll help you decide what type of staffing you need. Don’t stress it – we’ll take it from here.

Skilled Trades

Don’t have time to dig through thousands of welders’ resumes to find the right fits for your company? Sick and tired of interviewing maintenance tech candidates daily? Not quite sure how to identify an excellent warehouse manager when you see one? No worries. Our experienced recruiters have it down to an art. We’re here to help you find the right skilled associates for your company. We’ve identified and placed endless skilled associates in a variety of roles, from welders and industrial maintenance technicians to rotational molders, CNC programmers, and mold technicians. Whoever your ideal candidate is, we can find them.
Ryan has been there for SWS in all of our staffing needs. He works with me to resolve any situations that may arise. Together we make things work for both companies. This business partnership has turn out to be a great friendship as well. The past year has been very tough for me and my family, and he has been checking on the business and me personally. I am very thankful for all he does. It truly makes a difference.
Tony B. - Warehouse Manager


There’s a reason our clients trust us to find their professional staff: we’re good at it. We won’t place anyone in your administrative assistant, office manager, or receptionist position that we wouldn’t place in our own - and our professional team members are exceptional. Don’t believe us? Just check out our Google reviews and employer testimonials. Whether you’re in need of a bookkeeper, call center associate, AP/AR, or something else entirely, we’ll find the team member you’re looking for. Don’t sweat it - we’ve got this.

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“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”
Jim Collins, Author